Pet Services


Simple Glam Bath only

Simple bath & ear cleaning for    Small to Large Dog


Blitz Bath, Trim, & ear clean

Bath, trim, ear & teeth Small to large dog

$40- 75

Puppy Trim and de-sensitizing

Puppy cut

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Simple Glam bath only

Simple bath & ear clean any size cat

$40- $75

Blitz bath, shave down

Bath and full shave down due to matting

$60 - $100

Kitten Groom

Kitten cut

Call for pricing

You dirty dog!  No worries, we come to you!

We specialize in senior older dogs and cats.   We take the time to care.  Here we have no fancy cuts and styles,  we just get the job done.  Simple baths and trims.

A1 Pampered Paw Grooming 

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