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A1 Pampered Paws Grooming we take pride in servicing our furry friends in a stress-free environment.  We make every effort to ensure the comfort of all pets that enter our mobile salon, especially our older population.  That being said----we do reserve the right to refuse service if we believe your pet is overly stressed or aggressive as we are not going to endanger them or our groomers.


The safety and the comfort of your pet is our number one concern----please let us know in advance of any medical issue or pre-existing conditions that we need to be aware about.   Our priority and specialty is caring for the elder furry friends.   This can only happen if we know in advance.  In my training and experience, I was given the difficult furry friends that tend to bite, I have never met one that bit me because I feel it begins with the handler and the vibe the animal senses.   We have specialized harness to help the disable dogs and cats to help in the grooming process. 

If you choose to have your dog groomed at A1 Pampered Paws Mobile Grooming you agree to the following:

There is an additional charge for the dog with matted hair,  excessive hair length,  bad behavior, flea and Medicated baths, matting, fleas,  extra time if needed for the dog with anxiety or aggression.


Here at A1 Pampered Paws Mobile Grooming promise to take great care in handling and grooming your pet, but we can not be held responsible for injury due to your pet's behavior or self-inflicted injury. Nor can we be held responsible for irritation due to pre-existing skin conditions or hot spots, skin irritation due to shaving; razor burns,  skin irritation/sores due to matting; aural hematomas due to excessive shaking of the head; or accidental nicks or cuts due to warts, growths or sudden movements of your dog.  We reserve the right to refuse any pet whose behavior or hygiene could also cause harm to our groomers or to other dogs in the trailer.  The grooming process can be stressful and may aggravate medical conditions before,  during and after the groom.  In the case that an incident or serious medical conditions occurs, the owner authorizes A1 Pampered Paws to seek appropriate veterinarian services.  Owner is liable for any costs incurred.  We are not liable for any pre-existing conditions or problems found during the grooming process.  We may use  a muzzle on your pet if deemed necessary.  The muzzle is not harmful to the pet and protects both the groomer and the pets.  If the safety of our staff is in question, we have the right to stop service at any time  including prior to completion of the grooming.  Because the grooming process requires the use of sharp tools on a dog that may move suddenly and quickly,  accidental injury can occur.  We have the right to stop the grooming service. 

****When an appointment is set up it is only a range, we can not guarantee that we will show up at that intended time frame due to traffic, weather or previous appointment that will go over due to matting or just an un-corporative dog or cat. 

Cancellation Policy

All new clients are required to hold an appointment with a credit card on file.  We ask that if you need to cancel, we ask that you give us at least 24-hour notice, so we are able to fill your spot.  Same day cancellation or no shows will result in a $35.00 charge being added to your card. 

Un-groomable Pets

In the event an appointment is booked and the animal is not able to be groomed due to aggression or any other issue,  a $35.00 charge will be applied to your card  to help cover the time and gas for the groomer on call. 

Ear plucking /Gland extractions

Services are something that we can offer.  However, we strongly recommend that anal glands be done at  vet office to prevent any unnecessary injury to your pet (including but not limited to abscesses and ruptures).  If there is an excessive amount of hair in the ear canal we will do what is in the best interest of your pet without causing discomfort.


All appointments times are estimated time frames,  like every furry friend is different.   They are subject to change due to unforeseen situations, weather,  traffic, behavior or just our pets being scare of a new surroundings.  We will do our best to accommodate time constraints but we can not guarantee an exact time.   


Any and all pictures taken of your pet before, during and after grooming process may be used on any sort of social media outlet.    I hereby grant permission for A 1 Pampered Paws Grooming to use my furry love name or picture for promotions, advertisement or portfolio images and release A 1 Pampered Paws Grooming from any liability.  


In the event of an emergency I am releasing A 1 Pampered Paws Grooming to provide necessary medical attention to my pet in my absence.   I do understand the all Groomers are Certified in Animal CPR and provide basic medical care and treatment until a Professional in Health care attendant is available.  

What our customers are saying

Dog Grooming is an art and expression designed on the canvas on the animal's body.   You have an ability that can not be taught,  it has to be felt.   You are a natural.  You will do great in this career. 

Rita - Friend and Companion