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Meet the Groomer- Esther Perez

I obtained my Grooming Training in 2017.  I have forged ahead with obtaining my skills, training and knowledge from diverse paths.   I am a workaholic--I decided to change careers to do something I enjoy.  I like to work and play hard.  I am tired for working hard for someone else, when I can work hard for myself.  I decided to go into the Dog Grooming industry because I enjoy the vibes that dogs and cats release.  Dogs and cats tend to magnate to me.  I also tend to desensitize animal into calmness.  I can stop almost all aggressive or stressed dog in composure.  I want to provide my services to  your furry family member.  I look forward to this new adventure.  

I come from a career where confidence and trust--is very important.  I have been a Loan Officer in the mortgage field for at least 20 years.  There, I have helped customers understand the very complicated aspects of the lending industry.  The lending process tends to be confusing but I was able to convert this jargon into an easy to understand language for my clients.  With that said, I am ready to begin something different. i hope to use my past knowledge of trust and respect in this business, where I can do a great job with your furry loved ones.

I feel that my past experiences will serve well in my new career in the Dog Grooming Industry.

In my steps of my life,  I was forced to face hard times.  In caring for my disable father.   I was his care giver and help provide occupational therapy specially in the beginning when he had a major stoke.  Being the care giver to my Fiance and having to face hard decisions.   Caring for two furry love ones and extending their life by more than a year after a hard diagnosis.    

Thank you for giving me this opportunity with your furry love ones.  

24/7 Security Live Cameras surveillance. 


CPR Certified and minor medical training back ground. A great knowledge of human and animal anatomy, microbiology and Infections control. Many years experience in caring for humans and animal patients, I also worked in the medical field for 5 years. I feel this is experience will help me in the Grooming business.