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Simple  Bath

Simple Bath for extra small to small dogs short hair and ear cleaning $55.00

Weight 1 pound to 8 pounds.

Simple Bath for med size  dogs with short hair and ear cleaning   

Weight 8 to 38 pounds


Simple bath for the large to extra large dogs that are 40 pounds and over


Simple Bath

Simple bath for extra small to small dogs with long hair,  trim,  ear and nails

Weight 1 to 8  pounds


Simple bath for Med dogs with long hair, Trim  and ear cleaning $55

Weight from 8 to 38 pounds.

Simple bath for Med size dog to with long hair, trim or brush out of undercoat, ears,  and nails  


Weight from 8 to 38 pounds

Simple bath for large dog with long hair and undercoat that need brush out,  light trim,  ears and nails

Weight from 40 pound or more


Simple bath for Large dogs long hair and ear cleaning $ 75.00

Weigh from 9 to 40 pound.

Simple bath for more aggressive breeds size dogs to Large Dogs and ear cleaning 


any dog of 41 pounds and over.


Simple Bath Puppy

Simple bath for puppy and ear cleaning (de-sensitizing) $55.00

All service please add trip Charge of $8.00.

Travel for you job and have a furry baby.  

No worries we can help.

We are here to let your worries behind.   

We can make sure you baby has plenty of water and replenish the food.

We can make sure your baby gets the required exercise.  

Call us for Pricing.

Simple bath and trim

Small to Med-Simple bath, trim with brush, nails, ears and teeth cleaning $55 to

Med to Large-Simple Bath, trim with brush, nails, ears and teeth cleaning 


Aggressive breeds Simple bath and trim with brush, coat shine, nail and ears 


we come to you--Trip fee $8.00

Other Services for Dogs

Gland extraction only (only on request)  $15.00

Ear Plucking $10.00

Nails Only $15.00

Flea Bath $ 55 Small to med

Flea Bath $85 Med to Large

Teeth brushing only $15


Dog walking available in the Cypress area only

Cat and Dog sitting available in Cypress area only

Massage $10

Massage,  simple bath, ear cleaning cats any size $ 50 and up

Massage, simple bath, ear cleaning dog any size $35 to up

Art work and glam  blitz

Paw Print Art Black and White only without name and without frame


Paw Print Black and White only with name $25

Paw Print Black and White with name and frame $35

Paw Print Art color with name $25

Paw Print Art color with name, Frame $55

Tie start at $8 to $50

Formal Tie and color start at $25 to $90

Glam and Blitz outfit start $35 and up

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